Programs and Services

Every horse has its own personal development program decided on by the owner and Alix.  Programs range from the productive athlete in a developmental process to conditioning for the retired horse to post medical rehabilitation as outlined by the attending Veterinarian.
Offered are:

  • Programmed training, specified
  • Ground work and riderless work
  • Fitness and rehabilitation
  • Starting young horses
  • Retiree fitness programs
  • Collaboration with specialists


Angels Landing Farm has the ability to adapt to any situation that comes to the horse and its needs. Horses can be trained and schooled for the discipline intended, exercised to stay fit,  go out for unmounted work in 3 gaits, or walking,  on the track for cross training purposes.

They can be cared for in a letting down period of time, hand walked for rehab, babysat while an owner is away and not lose their fitness level, overseen post-surgery for an extended period, or have eyes on 24/7 for critical cases. We have done it all.



Medicating and wrapping and treatments can all be done in a timely manner as recommended by the attending Veterinarian. The farm works with all Vets in the Valley and beyond. We are within walking distance form Alamo Pintado Equine Center.

A discussion with Alix as to what you are looking for to create the best situation for your horse is the best way to assess how all the abilities we have here can work on your behalf.


The farm imports the highest quality hay in bulk so the consistency is there.  It is tested by Equine Analytical Labs in Ithaca, NY for the insight into its nutritional value.  Concentrated feeds and diets are very often guided by a PHD in Equine Nutrition for the best possible integrity for the horse, based on the hay.  All the feeds have been tested by the same lab to establish integrity.  Organic feeds are used where ever possible.  All horse are recipients of free choice hay at all times through a slow feeder method that works for the individual.