The farm sits on 10 level acres, all fully utilized for the health and well being of the horses. 


The stalls are 12 by 16 feet.  They are light and airy and all horses can see and be next to others through safe wall dividers.   They are deeply bedded and cleaned 2 to 3 times daily.  They have automatic waters and large buckets in addition, also cleaned 2 times daily.

There is are 4 grooming stations and a hot and cold water wash rack inside.


The paddocks are large, 40 by 40 or larger, and deeply bedded in fine white sand.  The covers are 16 by 24 feet.  They have 25-gallon water tubs, all cleaned 2 or 3 times a week. Every horse has company.

There are 2 green irrigated pastures. There are also 2 large pastures, one 3 acres, and one 2 acres for retired horses, geldings on one side mares on the other. These green up with the rains for as much as 8 to 9 months and when the grass fades these horses wander from freedom feeder to freedom feeder, very much like natural grazing.  All horses receive free choice grass or hay, unless medically specified for something else.

Exercise Track

There is a ½ mile track around the property. It is a rounded rectangle, and has 20 years of rototilled bedding inside it.  The footing is extraordinary. 2 can ride abreast.

Round Pen

The round pen is 70 ft. in diameter on purpose.  Attention is given to the excellence of footing; whether the goal is a ridden session or a ground work session.


The arena is 86 by 218. It houses an Olympic Court.  The footing is world Class, researched and studied to provide the best footing for the rhythm and stride support.  


The Eurociser is decidedly one of our best decisions in that its use directly influences the good health and well-being of the athlete or the retired horse.  The horses walk on 5” of rubber shreds.  It switches direction every 8 minutes.   4 can go on at once, so there is always company.


For the well being of the athlete or the retired horse, the Theraplate has proved to be a great asset to horses’ conditioning,  horses that are confined to stall rest,  superb for their bodies on those rainy days where access to the outside is hindered,  and wonderful for post medical procedures and general healing and circulatory health.